Sep 11, 2009

Organize Doll Clothes

All girls LOVE to go shopping and here's a way they can feel like they're shopping again without you having to buy new things! Plus it's just a great way to organize your daughter's doll clothes.
Now you can easily see and access all your doll clothes and accessories when you spin the Clip it Up! You can add decorations, bling, ribbons to coordinate and accessorize to fit right into any little girl's room. Don't we all wish our closets could be so full!

Email me at if you have any other ideas/uses for the Clip it Up!


  1. awe I'm so glad you did this! You must have had a lot of people write in with the same idea. It looks wonderful! It's so fun to see actually done, and not just in my head. I love love love it! Now that I see it I'm thinking I really do have to get one for my nieces American girl dolls. They would just love it. Did you use the protectors on the clips that you sell? I can't tell from the picture. Probably huh? Just making up my shopping list in my head. LOL.

    Thank you again for putting this together!! And just in time for us to start thinking about those Christmas gifts!

  2. We actually did this almost two years ago, but hesitated to put it up because the makers of some of the clothes (to be left unnamed) tend to go after anyone who uses their products and display without permission. We decided since we aren't using their name anywhere, and we are selling the organizer, hopefully they won't object! Also, when you sent in the idea suggestion, we decided it was a great time to put it up.

  3. LissC - Renee actually did this one before we had the Clip Grips, so no we didn't use them but you could.


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