Sep 16, 2009

Organizationally Challenged until...

I've always been an artistic person who loves creating scrapbook and stamping projects on a daily basis. As much as I enjoy the process of creating, I don't enjoy the organization of it all. It takes too much time away from my art and it's boring, so I'd rather do anything to keep from having to do it! I guess you could call me organizationally challenged! (LOL!)

I've tried all types of containers, files, storage systems and every new gadget out there, but none of them solved my organizational woes. Either it made my supplies too hard to get to, or it was too small or too expensive to buy enough units to hold my stuff. Nothing seemed to be the answer...until I found the Clip It Up!

Clip it Up Mini
My Clip It Up was like a gift from heaven! Not only did it hold tons of product, but it enabled me to see my supplies at a glance! That meant no more searching for lost product among all of my mess! And the best thing about it is all of my stuff is displayed within arms reach in my work area! Now, I'm able to work in a clean, organized space where my supplies are found in a snap and easily they're easily stored!

Clip it Up Main Base and Upper Tier
So, if you need a little help, (or a lot of help like me) organizing your home or work area, you need to try the Clip It Up! I have both the mini and original base unit and upper tier Clip it Ups! They sure solved my clutter problem!

Robyn Weatherspoon
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  1. WOW! You are organized now! Im still trying to figure out which pieces I should get for my Kitchen area to organize all that mess. If I ever figure it out I will have to post it!

  2. ding! a light bulb went off when I saw your clip it up mini......thank you! Those pesky $1 stamps!! they are so small and I love keeping them in the package since they are so tiny...and never thought to put them on my mini. I can even keep them in categories! This is one of those "Duh, why didn't I think of that" moments. LOL!



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