Sep 2, 2009

What Organization has to do with black ants...

Everyone always asks me why I love my Clip It Up so much. Well, let me tell you. As with most scrappers I have a ton of scrapping supplies. One day I was organizing and I realized I had bought the same package of embellishments THREE times (must have really liked them huh?). I understood then, how I was storing items was not going to work for me. Not to long after, I saw the Clip It Up in a magazine thought it looked interesting, but was not sure about the cost. So I put the thought into the back of my mind. Later that month I was at an Expo when I came across the Clip it Up booth. It was totally love at first site. I bought one and went home and loaded it that night.

Around that time, I noticed a change in my scrapping. The pages were becoming more detailed and I can totally attribute my CIU for that. I organize mine by color. I have one for alphas and one for embellishments (ooohhh and I also have a jumbo one for multi colored embellishments---yeah I AM obsessed) LOL. It is so easy for me to swing through it and find just what I am looking for. I place items back to back so two different items fit on one clip. For instance, this month got away from me when I realized it was my turn to do a reveal. I knew I wanted to do this "Ant Farm" page and I knew I had ants already punched out. Before my CIU I would have probably lost them or it would have taken me forever to find them. With my CIU, I found them in less than a minute, under my black embellishments. Now THAT is useful!

Anyway, if you are on the fence about getting one, let me tell you, they are worth every penny!!! Any questions that you would want to ask a consumer about, I would gladly answer your questions. Just contact me at

Happy Scrapping :)Sus


  1. I would totally love to get one when I can spare the money, I can relate to the buying the same three things I have found that to be the case often in my stash. 1,2 or 3 of those clip up things would be just the ticket to keep them organised, mine are in complete kaos.

  2. Sus. I second that! They are totally worth it! Like you, I have found it so much easier to locate my products now that they are organized on my clip ig ups. Clip It Up's.

    Only warning I would give is, once you have one, you will likely want another, and another, and possible another, and maybe even one more.

    Basically as many as your space will permit, and then one more. At least that is what I have found. But that is okay, because now they have the wonderful wall and under counter pieces for when you run out of space for the bigger pieces.


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