Oct 7, 2009

Domestic Goddess

It seems like every year as soon as it starts to cool off and the seasons shift to fall I feel the domestic mood settle in. Lately my biggest thing has been meal planning. The more time I spend cooking for my family the more centered as a parent I feel. I figured honoring that and creating a layout was the fitting thing to do. The domestic goddess line from Graphic 45 screamed at me to make this layout. I created a quilt like pattern for the background and stitched the blocks to finish the look (still working on the whole stitching thing, but it's fun trying!).

How's your fall going?
Lisa Day


  1. Cooking HMMM I guess me too. My husband does the cooking but the last 2 nights have done it I guess food making and fall go together.

  2. very nice layout Lisa. I love this time of year and I enjoy the fact that I actually want to cook all those warm comfort foods.


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