Oct 30, 2009

Show off your Layouts

I know how much time everyone spends on designing the perfect layout, but what happens after you finish it. You put it in a book and tuck it away.

Pink Paislee has a fun way to display that page so everyone can admire it, then after a few weeks (or months) you can change the layout for a new one.

All you need to do is cut a wood dowel to 12" long. Tie a ribbon from one end to the other. Attach 2 Clip it Up clips to the ribbon and then clip up your 12"x12" layout. Make sure you use a Clip it Up clip grip to protect the paper from clip marks. Hang it in a special location and now you and your loved ones can admire your layout for days to come.

How easy and cute is that? Thanks Pink Paislee for sharing!

Simply Renee Inc


  1. This is a really fun way to show it off! Heck you can put one in every room of your house! lol!


  2. Thats a great idea! I have found that I use those clips all over my room. I use them to hang products on a piece of metal grid that I have, and I even use them in my Ratties cage to hold her dishes, and hang blankets from the ceiling of her cage to make little tents for her.

    They also work great if you have those little metal magnets. They stick right to the metal of the clip and then can go on magnet board also.

    The possibilities are endless with those clips.

    Another great use: hook them together by connecting the loops and bending them so they stay together. Then you have a clamp on both sides of it. Hook one clamp to the pull on your drawer (I use ribbon pulls so this works well for me), and with the other side clamp a sample of what is in your drawer. You know what is in your drawer and they are easy to change out if you change the contents of the drawer.

  3. Great idea!

    I have found I use those little clips everywhere in my room!

    Just a few of the ways: Connect two clips together by the loops. Then press the loops slightly with pliers so that they stay connected, and you have the clamps on either end. I then use them to clamp samples of product to the outside of my drawers. I have made ribbon pulls on all my drawers, so they are easy to clamp to. And because they are just clamped, it is easy to swap them out as you swtich product out in your drawer.

    The single claps also hook easily to magnets, so you can clamp items to your magnet board.

    I have a piece of metal grid on my wall that is great for hooking product too.

    But it doesn't end there. I even use those little clips in my Fancy Ratties cage! I clip fabric to the top of the cage to make a little tents for her, and also clamp her dishes to the edge of the cage.

    The possibilities are truly endless!


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