Oct 14, 2009

Spooooky Door Hangers

Don’t you just love decorating for the holidays? I know I do! No matter what the holiday is, it’s always fun to brighten up my home with festive décor. Here’s an easy project that’s a snap to make. It’s a door hanger! I love door hangers because you can make every door in your home unique and festive for very little money and time.

There are tons of templates out there that you can download for free, but I made my own. I simply cut the base of my door hanger to be 9 x 3.5 and rounded the edges. I then cut a 2 inch circle in the top half of my base to fit around my doorknob. After that I simple layered paper on top of the next until I achieved my desired look. I made sure to continue to cut out my circles on each layer, using the first circle as a guide. I decorated with fun stickers, ribbon, and glitter and that was that! Voilla! A fun decorative Halloween door hanger!

I would love to see what kinds of festive door hangers you make! Post a link to yours and I’ll send out a RAK to a lucky poster!

* All products used to make this project are by Doodlebug Designs*

Robyn Weatherspoon


  1. Robyn, that is such a cute door hanger. Thanks for sharing with us!


  2. I am having so much fun going around and seeing what everyone is making for halloween but this is the first door hanger I have seen FUN!!!


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