Oct 28, 2010

Jewelry Time Again…

I had so much fun making the bracelet, I decided to make a necklace!  I make lots of necklaces with old jewelry, and  I like to mix and match different chains.  When I’m out “junking” I like to buy necklaces with fun chains (I may hate what’s on it, but if the chain is cool, it gets to come home with me).  I’m always on the look-out wherever I go for fun jewelry parts!

Here’s some pictures of the chains I mixed and matched.

IMG_1919 IMG_1899

Excuse the undressed top and messy room!  I did put one of my black fleece jackets on it so you could see the chain better (but you can also see the lint on it).


  IMG_1909 IMG_1910

I have a hard time photo documenting what I do – I was really good at the first to take pictures as I went along,  BUT…I change my mind so many times, and I forget to take photos cause I’m so busy trying to figure out what looks good, so I’m sorry! One of  these times I swear I’ll take a pic of all the different combinations and it will be a LONG tutorial, so you can thank me now for forgetting.

Here are some close-ups of what I finally ended up with.


I used the buttons the same way I did on the bracelet, but separated them so I could use two on one side and three on the other side.  The cute buttons I used would have made another darling bracelet, but they also look great for my necklace!

IMG_1936 IMG_1928

The center part of the necklace was made by using  Tim’s Facets, Lot and Found paper inked with Frayed Burlap and glued on with Ranger’s Glossy Accent.  I then added one of Tim’s swivel clasps and attached a Muse Token and a  Pearl Bauble.  To the left of it I attached a Charm from Tim’s Adornment collection with one of his Mini Pins.  Loved how easy the pin made attaching the charm!

IMG_1945 IMG_1931 

IMG_2422  Front Side   


Back Side

The bottom part of the necklace I used another Muse Token and Mini Pin, two different Baubles  and one of my antique pins.


I took pictures of the whole necklace on my jewelry mannequin and on my antique mannequin.  Both made it look at bit different so I included both  for you to see.

Drum roll please - the final and full view of the necklace… 

IMG_2430  IMG_2434IMG_2429IMG_2432IMG_2431        IMG_2426 

I personally think the old mannequin looks better, but the necklace  looked a little different depending on what it was on. I had a hard time taking the pictures – need to work on my still life photography.  I’m great at action shots of water sports because I get a lot of practice doing it on vacations, but this other is obviously something I need to work on!

Taking off for the International Quilt Show in Houston, Texas.  We have a booth and this will be our second time there.  We’re excited to go and see all the beautiful quilts, fabric and fun “must haves” that are new in the quilt world.  The people are so nice, friendly and we love going!

Since Halloween is on Sunday while we’re at the show, we decided (Carolyn’s idea) to dress up.  We’ve been working on our costumes, so we’ll post some previews of  what we’ve been working on, and then we’ll take pictures at the show!

Thanks again for visiting the blog.  We love this time of year and I’m in the giving mood.  So leave comments because we’re having surprise drawings, announced drawings and our BIG Floor Model give-away for Christmas.

See you after the show!



Products Used:

Tim Holtz’s: Lost and Found Paper, Idea-ology Baubles,Word Keys, Adornment Charms, Mini Pins, Muse Tokens,  Accoutrement Buttons, Fanciful Buttons, Swivel Clips, Facets and Jump Rings, Craft knife, Craft Sheet,  Rangers Frayed Burlap Distress Ink and Glossy Accents.

My personal stash of chains and my antique pin.


  1. So surprising! I had no clue until the final picture what this would look like. I love it!!

  2. LOVEEEEEE the necklace renee!! and have fun at the quilt show. wish i was tagging along. maybe one day i can be your helper again. enjoy, and have a happy halloweeeeeen!! xxoo

  3. The necklace looks FAB!! I think the old mannequin features the necklace better too!! Have fun at the show! Can't wait to see the costumes!! :)

  4. I bet people ask you all the time how you get it all done! Love the necklace - it's nice and long - I have lots of collarbone length necklaces and have been yearning for a LONG necklace - it's a great style!

  5. simply gorgous. and definitely steampunky. Anyonewho wore necklace would be proud to wear this. I don't usually wear them cause I am heck with them and then I would be upset because it was tore up.

  6. Wow, i was looking 4 a particular scrapbook tote for a gift (my son makes his Confirmation soon and his teacher and sponsor is great), when i happened on some sites that sell "Clip It Up" products and I that led me to Simply Renee and your blog. I only looked for a minute but I saw some great ideas for gifts for my husband to gift me. I say Wow because it's nice to see someone else that has to dabble in jewelry, cards, scrapbooking, sewing, and just crafts. I thought I was the only 1. My house has so many beads and buttons, and cardstock, and paper, and fabric, and craft books, and ... i think my kids might turn me into "Hoarders" if I didn't always have what they needed for school, church, scouts, etc. It's amazing how the colors in one craft give you great ideas for another-you end up looking at the world differently. Have fun at the Quilt Show in Houston, I'm up the street in New Braunfels--Mary

  7. So lovely! really need to learn how to do that!

  8. Love this necklace - it's very cool, the way you pieced it together. Now I will be looking for jewelry to deconstruct and repurpose! Thanks for the great ideas!! Tim's tokens and charms fit so well with antique jewelry.

  9. Really love the white roses and that turquoise bit!

  10. Wow, I dont know how creative brains work like that. I would see all those items as seperate pieces, amazing that you can put them all together and it turns out fabulous ! Have fun at the quilt show!

  11. That's really nice!! You do great work :)

  12. Love this piece, just beautiful, gret pics, thanks

  13. Such creativity! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  14. The necklace turned out beautiful!! Have fun at the quilt show.

  15. I love all the tim holtz jewelry. Thanks for showcasing you pieces so beautifully.

  16. Tim holtz products are so gorgeous!


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