Oct 8, 2010

Organizing with the Clip it Up labels

Hey Guys,

It’s Bree, and I’m back to share a quick organizing tip.  Do you remember my scrap space videos? All of my kraft color boxes were new, and I had not yet labeled them. So I thought we could label them together.

Tip #1

Start with a Strong Base. I used the Clip It Up Tabs & Labels, that came with my Clip it Ups. These are very sturdy and just the perfect size. But rather than altering them and hanging them on my bases, I decided that they would make fabulous labels for these boxes.


TIP #2

To help save a little bit of money, and keep a little out of our landfills.... consider using the packaging of your favorite paper packs. Use the front page as your patterned paper. I cut this page into 4”x2” pieces.clip_image002[6]clip_image002[8]


Make your labels VERY clear, and easy to read. Choose a font and font size that you can see clearly from a distance away. Or print in your best handwriting

I printed my labels on regular paper, and matted them with patterned paper scraps.

I used foam adhesive to adhere my labels to the tabs. I also used foam adhesive to adhere the tabs to the front of each box. This made it easy to cover the metal label holders that came on the boxes.clip_image002[10]

TIP #4

Create your labels with a similar color scheme or theme. The labels are to help you find things easy and fast, if you make your labels to overwhelming, you won’t be able to find what your looking for as effectively. By using the same paper line, my labels looked uniform and neat.


And here is the outcome. The labels are easy to read, and are very clean and simple. Finding things in my storage boxes is much easier and my boxes look cute too.


Using storage boxes is a great idea to store those chunky items and things you don’t use on a regular basis, and of course those things that just won’t fit on your clip it up.

Bree Tetz


  1. I have extra labels I could see using this way - great idea!

  2. I need to label my craft room storage boxes, too... I especially like your idea to use paper pack packaging!

  3. The labels look so cute! I'm going to have to give this a whirl as I'm organizing my space. Thanks for the great idea!!

  4. What a great idea! I have a few extras and I have the perfect containers to use with them.
    Thanks for sharing !

  5. Sigh. I love labels. :) Thanks for the great ideas! It looks so nice and organized!

  6. That came out great! I love the blue shades that the cover page had on them. I need to do this to mine, I try to remember whats in them by color, but that dosent work so well!

  7. Great Labels. I have boxes for a few of the big items, but don't label them and then have to go thru everything. I like labelsing them specifically. New task to do.

  8. Great labels and great idea for "going green"!

  9. Great idea! It's so fantastic to be organized, makes scrapping soooo much easier!

  10. Great idea using the foam dots to place your labels over the metal frames on the boxes!

  11. this is a great idea, love it. thanks

  12. I like how you re-purposed the dividers. I think I will be borrowing the idea. Thanks.


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