Nov 5, 2011

Bathroom #2

This is the “before” picture of my bathroom upstairs.  It was dated and the only thing  I had done since we moved in 25 yrs ago was to get rid of the wallpaper, remove the linoleum and replace it with tile and a neutral paint.  BORING!!!


Before…  (As you can see I’d already started patching things up and ripping up the tile baseboard)   I’m not very good at remembering to take the “before pics”!    













One of my hardest things to solve – but then turned into one of my favorites was the floor under the sink. 


I couldn’t find tile to match what was already in there.  So I  went to a salvage yard and found an old door with some rich color and panels.  We cut the door to fit in the area under the sink and I love it!!!!  I have three favorite things in this room.  They were all areas that I had a hard time problem solving – but they turned out to be the best!  The door on the floor is #1!


Another architectural piece above the sink that I got at the same place as the door. I loved how the sink looks and the old syrup bottle as the soap container.


My #2 favorite!  I wanted something unique for my towel holder and I already had those cute funny crooked wheels from one of my outings and thought to pair them up with the pulley.  Love how you can see it in the mirror as well as the actual piece hanging down.  LOVE,  LOVE  LOVE this!  It’s a “happy thing” for me!


There use to be a framed in doorway separating this part of the bathroom.  I removed it and put the boards along the  whole wall.  Painted them and then used  gel stain to antiqued them.  I loved how it opened up the room and makes it look soooo much bigger!


Loved this vanity.  It looks like wood, but it’s metal.  Yes, I’m going through a heavy metal stage right now!


This  chippy old screen door had a great green color on it.  We used it in our booth at shows, so when we changed the booth –I found a great place for it to retire in.  It’s a great backdrop for the chippy  rusty metal stand that holds the towels.


#3 Favorite!  As I was trying to come up with a unique TP holder – I had this light sconce so I  added an old spindle to it, cut it off to the right length, then added a metal part of a lantern burner on the end that was cut.  I was pleasantly surprised with how cute it turned out.


This is the view behind the door.  I used old fork to hang up the hangers.

DSC_1060 A friend of mine from California brought me two of her old bird cages.  I used this one as my light in the bathroom.  Love the lines it creates when it’s on.  The other one I used in my Studio.  Love them!!!  Thanks  Shawna!!!


This is the other part of the door – I couldn’t waste it so it became the valance for the curtain.  I used vintage spoons to hold my unique curtain rod.

Thanks for joining me on part 2 of the remodeled bathrooms! Don’t forget to leave comments on facebook and the blog to be entered into the contest for a  Clip it Up Main Base.



  1. WOWWWWW!! Now that is my kind of bathroom! Fantastic!! You always say you need to get motivated to craft, but you are creating in your own way. Gorgeous work!

  2. Oh my word I am in love with your ideas! Amazing doesn't even scratch the surface. Thank you for sharing these amazing rooms.

  3. Wow! Renee I love the way you think! What a great bathroom. I wish I had seen this before remodeling our bathroom!

  4. love the furniture piece that you used for a sink vanity in this bathroom. This one is is my favorite.

  5. That is ONE fabulous bathroom! Where do you come up with such great ideas?

  6. Love the cool vanity and sink.

  7. Wow!!! Like out of a magazine!

  8. That sink and cabinet are AWESOME! And I love the white iron wall decor!

  9. design is in the details love that tp holder

  10. Absolutely love that TP holder!

  11. LOVE this bathroom! Such unique ideas!


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