Nov 6, 2011

Guest Bedroom

In the Studio 5 segment – they showed the bed in my guest room .  When Jenn and I went out looking for something fun and unique for the headboard,  we found this vintage metal cover for a window.  I loved it, but knew it wasn’t wide enough.  We decided we’d keep our eyes opened and try to find something to go on both sides of the metalwork.  After shopping, I left Jenn to go to my hair appt.  There’s a place called Second Hand Chic I go every time I get my hair done because it’s right next door.  I walked in after my appt. and there was the solution for my bed.  Kelly had just brought these two pillars in off of an old home.  I bought them on the spot! Kept them chippy and just wiped them off.   Kelly usually doesn’t have things like that in her shop – but it was destiny!!!  Problem solved…same day!!!! DSC_1076 If you’re in the Salt Lake area, stop in and see Kelly and tell her Renee sent you!!!  I love her shop because she prices things reasonably and moves her inventory around.  She puts things in color grouping and it’s  a treat to go in and see how she’s decorated.  She’s always good about promoting other similar shops and has become a cute friend of mine! 


We had some dead trees in front of our home, and my husband asked my son to chop them down.  I went out because I was nervous about the whole thing.  I told him to move our bench, and he kept reassuring me the tree was going to be falling another way.  Well… we all know that “Mother knows best!” and yes, the tree fell and broke the bench in half.  So – I had him remove all the broken pieces and the cast iron ends of the  bench became the end of my bed.  Might as well make a bad situation into a good one!!!!!

DSC_1085  I  loved this antique croquet box and put it up for my shelf.


I found these metal shutters and fell in love with them.  The old hand made metal basket below holds the  extra pillows when someone is sleeping in there.


This is my grandmother’s wedding dress.  I loved  that she gave it to me to keep.  It has such fine hand work on it – hard to see in the picture – but beautifully simple!


I found  this table and two old chairs  – the one chair was already painted the color of the room – bonus!!!  Love old suitcases to display things in.


This radiator use to be in a building my dad owned.  When they were going to level the bldg to build a parking lot (sad) I would have taken all the radiators – but being newly married and having no place to store them – I only got one.  We have dragged it around our whole married life and finally it got the room it deserves.  They are SO HEAVY – it took 4 of us to carry it upstairs!!!!

Thanks for joining me on a tour of the rooms that I’m finally getting around to re-modeling.  It’s my creative outlet for now!  My dream job would be having someone pay me to go and find “treasures” and re-purpose them!  Do you think Frank and Mike from American Pickers would let me join them on their free-styling time?????  It drives me crazy cause I see so many cool things they pass up for OIL CANS – REALLY!!!!  Are you an American Picker fan?


Remember to comment  here and Facebook to enter our contest for a Clip it Up Main Base!  Tomorrow I’ll share some of my other favorite places to shop!


  1. I am so an American Picker fan! I am always so sad when I hear someone tossed something I would have re-purposed.
    Your bedroom is wonderful-love the bench foot board cute for sure

  2. Gorgeous room! I love how you have found ways to reuse items that we would normally throw away. I love the bench pieces at the end of the bed.

  3. There is another show called I think cash and Cari and she does treasures like that. Refinishes them and makes different things out of them and resells them.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  4. Found your link from Studio 5 - I LOVE your decorating style! Please include me in your drawing for a Clip-It Up Main Base - looks like a great product!

  5. Renee,

    The bed looks great! You are so creative. Thanks again for the shout out. You're the best!

    Second Hand Chicks

  6. This is SO VERY LOVELY! Love the metal shutters!

  7. So pretty! Love the wedding dress!

  8. wow you sure think outside the box I like the way you add architecture in interesting ways

  9. You've really put your great finds into perfect use!

  10. I really like how you decorated is guest room. Its very attractive to those who are into traditional and earthy-type furnishings.

  11. Thanks for sharing some of these guest bedrooms designs. It would be very easy to draw inspiration from any of these.


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