Nov 4, 2011

Studio 5

Studio 5 is a local program here in Salt Lake City, UT.  My darling niece Jenn does a segment on the show called  “Trash to Treasures”.   Jenn asked me if Studio 5 could come out and film my two remodeled bathrooms, so I agreed to do it ONLY  if I didn’t have to be on camera!  They ended up filming some of my other rooms as well.

Jenn and I have long been “partners in crime” together on many occasions.  We are both thrift store/American Pickers/antique treasure hunters and we love to “up-cycle or repurpose” weird pieces we find.  Our creative minds together can usually solve any problem either one of us would have.

The first bathroom is a really small half bath off the kitchen.  It was a challenge because it is so small and I hated the cabinet the sink was in.  I made this into my “wash and sew” themed bathroom.  I think you’ll understand why as you look at the pictures. 


This is the view looking in from the door.  We had put in  hardwood floors after moving in and the other cabinet use to be against the other wall – so that created a problem when we took the cabinet out.  I found a board covered  with rusted tin for $5 and used it under the “sink/tub” area to fill in and then added a couple of metal tiles to border it.


This view is as you walk in and turn to your right.  I love the old green ironing board along with  the old wringer washer above the toilet.  It has really cool writing on it.  The washboard on the wall is fun also.  Doesn’t it make you grateful for washing machines!!!


My light is an old milk strainer with an vintage silver platter for the base.  I’m lucky to have a friend who is an electrician who can take my wacky ideas and help me make them work!  The rusted patina was already there and that’s why I loved it!


Isn’t this a cute double sink wash tub!  The plumber thought I was nuts when I showed him what I was using for my sink!!!!    Some people have NO vision!      


I cut the top cover and used vintage hinges so I could access and use the  right part of the inside of the tub to store clean towels and diapers for my grandkids.  I added a vintage knob to use for the handle.


I love the metal color on the edges of the tub.  The tub wasn’t high enough to clear the plumbing already there, so I had these metal holders and used them to put the feet in to raise it up.  My motto:  Where there's a decorating will, there is ALWAYS  a  solution!!!


The old storage box on the right is for starch, and the one on the left is a Palmolive Company Toilet Soap box.  I think they’re so cute and perfect to put  bathroom  necessities in!!!


This shelf is an old rusted metal  can that someone had cut in half lengthwise,  then carefully folded over the sharp edges and added the shelves.  I love it that someone was so thrifty and solved their storage problems with something they had on hand.  I use it for my collection of old soaps.  It’s a happy piece for me!  I love it!!!


I found this old metal vanity with the mirror at a consignment store.  It was the perfect thing to match the metal tub and to store more items on.


This is a grouping of three metal sleeve holders that I hooked together with old fabric buttons, vintage sewing notions and an old hanger.


This is my towel holder made from the metal end of something I had in my collection of “junk”, a  metal quilt hanger wrapped in old binding tape with some old crocheting  thread.

Thanks for going on a tour of one of my quirky bathrooms.  I will post the other bathroom (my favorite)  on Saturday.  I will then post some of the other rooms and areas they filmed for Sunday and Monday.  As you can see, making organizational products satisfies the “organize” side of me – but these things help satisfy the “creative” side of me!

Make sure you leave a comment on Facebook and our blog to enter yourself to win a Clip it Up Main Base.  We will pick the winner Monday and announce it on Tuesday morning!  Good Luck everyone and thanks for visiting the blog!!!



  1. Renee you are amazing and so talented!!! Hands down the best work bathrooms ever:)


  2. This is amazing!!! Love what you have done with your bathroom!

  3. Oh my word I would totally love this! Love the vintage feel with fun saves.
    How great you got to share this.

  4. What great ideas you had! I love your sink cabinet too. Old antiques add such character. We recently did a bathroom remodel too, took about a year and was a nightmare. Took 3 months just to get a toilet delivered because they kept breaking them!

  5. What fun ideas! Love the ironing board!

  6. How very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love your vision! I have dealt with naysayers for years, too! But alas, we make it happen! way to go!

  8. I love that sink - you have an awesome style

  9. Super cool bathroom!!! I love the old soap collection!


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