Jul 22, 2009

Butterfly Note Card Gift Set

It is always better to give than to receive. That’s one of my favorite sayings because it is so true! I just love gifts and everyone who knows me knows that. The only problem is it can sometimes be costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of spending a lot of money on gifts that sometimes go unappreciated and unused, you can spend very little and create a gift that the recipient is sure to love and remember forever!

Here is a gift I made that I like to call the Butterfly Note Card Gift Set. It cost me all of $4.00 to make. Everyone who’s ever received it from me has always loved it. It’s a very practical gift that I love to make and the recipient loves to use.

All you need to make this is:·
1 Quarter Box Template-The Cutting Café·
(3) 12 x 12 sheets of Cardstock-Bazzill·
12 x 12 sheet of Patterned Paper- American Crafts·
½ sheet of Glittered Cardstock- Doodlebug·
Butterfly Stamps- Cornish Heritage Farms

This gift can be tailored to your own tastes and subjects. For example, instead of having a butterfly theme, your theme can be holidays, sports, flowers, spiritual, birthday, or whatever your heart desires! My mom loves my gifts so much that she has requested that I never buy her another gift. She wants all of hers handmade by me! So try your hand at creating your own personalizes gifts and see if it doesn’t save you some money and make you feel great!

Robyn Weatherspoon

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