Jul 23, 2009

Renee Reese

At the end of one of the days during the National Stationary Show, a darling lady with a cool name… Renee Reese came back into the show after seeing the ribbon organizer in the Winner’s Circle. I commented on her name because my granddaughter’s name is Renee Reese. Then I noticed she was from Hummelstown PA which is right by Hershey PA where I was going to be the next week. So that started a whole other conversation and when we realized we were only about 5 mins away from each other in PA, we decided to get together while I was in PA.

I took my daughter-in-law and my two grandkids and we meet Renee, her bunnies, and had tour of her beautiful home, and her “Creative Retreat /work room. Renee makes cards, paints pictures, etc. and she does beautiful work! She knew it was Reese’s b-day and even had a gift for her! What a talented, sweet, and oh so kind kindred spirit! I’m sad I didn’t take any pictures, but we have some from her room. She ordered some products and took some pictures. Over the next 3 Fridays we'll post her pictures and critiques.

Thanks again Renee!

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