Jul 2, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Congratulations to Nicole Kohler from Ohio. She is the winner of our first ever blog drawing!!! Thanks to everyone who entered and we received many fabulous ideas.

Nicole's idea: "I think it would be the perfect wedding shower gift. At every one I've ever been to, there are people sharing family recipes (both sides) and talking about the food, etc. This would be a fantastic present--and something everyone could participate in. When announcements are sent, a recipe card is also sent. Then the attendees would just have to bring the card along with their gift. If people can't make it, it won't cost much to send the recipe card back. Cards are added to the Clip it Up as they arrive. This way, it's not only something that the entire family (both blood and by marriage) can share with, it's a lot less stressful for the bride to plan those meals as a newlywed (she knows what her new husband's favorite dish is, etc.)."

For those of you who weren't aware of the drawing. We asked everyone to email us their idea on how they'd use any of the Clip it Up products. We received many fabulous entries and I love how creative our readers are. Check back for our next drawing!!!

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