Jul 24, 2009

Gone are the tangles and knots...

Armed only with a stud-finder, a level, an electric screwdriver and a pencil, I installed this fabulous Ribbon Organizer myself!

My motivation was getting all those fablous ribbons out of the plastic stackables and up on the wall where they could inspire my next project. The top section houses all my ribbons on spools, and the bottom bar lets me clip up ribbons I bought by the yard or loose antique laces from flea markets. Using the cushiony Clip Grips on delicate ribbons helps protect them (like the pink and yellow crocheted flower trim). If the folds of ribbon were too bulky to clip, I placed them in small recycled plastic bags and then clipped the bag.

Gone are the tangles and knots of ribbons stored in boxes! And having my ribbons off the floor means that they aren’t getting chewed by the art room rabbits, Sir William Wallace and Cocoa Reese!

I ordered a second organizer which I am going to use exclusively for my holiday ribbons.
Renee Reese

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