Jul 6, 2009

NSS and New York

This is one reason I was worried about starting a blog! Time to post!!!!! So, here are some “late” things I have finally gotten around to writing about:

Sorry it took me soooo long to get this posted. You’ll know why as you continue…

This year I decided to “branch” out a bit. We’d been asked to go to the National Stationary Show (NSS)the year before, but we already had a full schedule. So we signed up for NSS (the fact it was in New York wasn’t influencing me at all!!!)

I took my two sisters Carolyn and Dianna with me (they’d never been to New York before). We packed our bags and headed to the “big apple” for the show and some fun “tourists” activities. While in NY my sisters went to the famous “Canal Street” shopping experience with Alicia and Lorie from Robert’s Craft. They had a great time and were quite the shoppers as Lorie negotiated the bargain prices with ease!!!

It was a great show and my favorite surprise was when the NSS Show Manager – Patty Stracher stopped by our booth to present us with the Best New Product Award for the Papercraft / Scrapbooking Category. I was so surprised and excited to have the recognition since it was our first year exhibiting there!

(I really dislike this pic – my hair is naturally curly and when I try to wear it straight in places where there is humidity – not a good combo!)

Here are some pics of the trip while out being tourists:

Live with Regis and Kelly
(Renee and Diana on top, Renee and Carolyn on bottom)

The Marvolous Wonderettes- my personal favorite

9 to 5

Thanks to Diana and Carolyn for all your support and a fun trip!

We met Monica Davis at the show. What an genuinely nice, smart and sweet person. Her husband called and asked which booth she was in so he could join her. When he got there, Di recognized him. He is Clive Davis and starred in several tv shows. He had just tried out that morning for a broadway play and was feeling good about it. We wish you luck Clive and your wife is amazing!

After New York I headed to Pennsylvania. Check back for a post about that.


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  1. I've been to the stationary show many times.Did you enjoy it and New York It is funny everyone who has straight hair wants curly hair and visa versa.... don't worry about Blogging all the time only do it when you want and have fun!!!


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