Jul 31, 2009

Just look at my rainbow of colored papers!

They’re organized on the Clip it Up Jumbo and Upper Tier by sizes and colors. The top tier is filled with smaller scraps and the bottom tier is loaded with larger papers.

I’ve also arranged them by color by using Renee’s plastic divider tabs plus her labels to separate colors. By putting a colored label on both sides of the plastic tabs, I can see the dividers from any place I’m sitting and creating.

Just the other day, I designed a new series of journals. I knew I wanted to utilize green, brown, and natural papers. The process was made so much easier by spinning the Jumbo, unhooking papers that may coordinate together, and laying them out on my work table. The ones that didn’t work just got clipped back up. Compare the ease of that to unloading and reloading all my manila file folders full of decorative papers.

Some of my papers are delicate rice papers and some are ultra-suedes. Since they require special treatment, I’ve added Clip Grips and they don’t have a single indent on them when I take the clip off.

And now that I’m organized, I’m super motivated to stay organized as I add new papers.
Renee Reese

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