Jul 9, 2009

The Marathon

My husband ran his marathon on Sat. the 13th. For those of you who want to know more about the marathon, you can check out his blog: run4sci.blogspot.com.
He truly is a remarkable man and makes me feel like a slug for not exercising when he has so many things to overcome with his Spinal Cord Injury and I’m just lazy and don’t like to sweat! If you want a story to make you feel better – read his!

Having a treadmill in a pool makes running possible because of the buoyancy created because of the water.

Grandkids wanting to get in and run with “Papa"

Grandma “Nae” enjoying the time with Reese

Former patient of Dale’s with her girls Dale delivered. They stopped by to cheer him on and made a donation!

1 comment:

  1. This is beyond amazing. I have tears as I read I am so happy for your husband . You must be so proud of him !My father had severe MS and was paralyzed form the neck on down the last 12 years of his life .They did not have water pools like that back ( he died in1999 )then ,but when we got him in any kind of pool who felt so great.


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