May 28, 2010

Cookie Sheet Calendar Tutorial

Hi! It's Angela Fehr here and I'm excited to show you one of my favorite altered projects, my cookie sheet calendar. I designed this one to fit a 10" x 15" cookie sheet or larger, and all the months and dates are magnetic, so it can be used perpetually. What I love most is that it is totally customizable - use the paper that suits your decor and you have a calendar you can display proudly!


My calendar is made using 3 sheets of 12" x 12" double-sided patterned paper, two sheets of card stock and about five sheets of 12"x12" chipboard. You'll also need a few sheets of magnetic material, fairly strong (not the super thin stuff that goes through a printer), a glue gun and lots of embellishments.


Cut both paper and chipboard to the following sizes and quantities:

40 squares, 1.25" x 1.25" Cut a few more if you want to do some birthday or special occasion pieces.

12 strips, 1.5" x 9.5" - these are your months

1 strip, .5" x 9.5" - this is your days of the week strip

1 piece, 4.5" x 9.5" this is your header strip


You will need a piece of clear acetate or vinyl for the photo pocket. Cut to 4" x 6" and stitch to header paper on three sides, leaving top open for the photo.


Using stickers or stamps (I have a selection of alphabet stamps from Close to My Heart that I use a lot and I love that my Clip It Up Mini keeps them always near at hand), number and decorate your date pieces. You will need the numbers 1-31, plus one square that is 23/30 and one that is 24/31, plus six blank squares for any empty spaces when the calendar is arranged.

After stamping or stickering, adhere paper pieces to chipboard pieces. Embellish as desired.

Cut the magnetic material into pieces about 1" x .5". Hot glue to back of chipboard. Long strips like the header and the month strips take 2 or 3 pieces of magnet.


I painted my cookie sheet using a dark espresso matte spray paint - go ahead and paint yours to suit your style, or leave it au naturel.

Punch a hole in the top of your cookie sheet to hang it, and arrange your dates to fit the month. This makes a great gift!



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  1. Cool, Angela! I've only seen these done for Christmas. I LOVE the idea of making one for other seasons. Thanks!


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