May 20, 2010

Jewelry Organization

Ok, so I've had so many projects going on! I've been moving rooms around, including the office, and I've been in a BIG mess and I'm still in a big mess! One project has been bugging me for quite some time so I decided to take care of it this weekend!

I have quite a bit of jewelry (unlike anyone else out there that is female). I have tried several different things to organize it, but my space to display it is very limited. So here is what I came up's busy, but when you have to put it all in one place you can't have it not look busy, or at least I couldn't! 

First, I had a large frame I picked up cheap and it was not being used, so I decided to put it to good use. I took some metal netting I previously bought at the hardware store (just because, I'm famous for picking up weird things at the hardware store and other places), and cut it out to match the shape of the frame.

I used my staple gun to attach the metal around the edge the frame. I then put a coat of clear silicone around the edge so there wasn't any sharp metal poking out.

I then threaded ribbon along the outer edge so it would look cute (although after adding everything to it, you can barely see the ribbon).

 I attached a hangman picture hanger (you can find at your home improvement store). These are great because they hold a lot of weight, and you can slide them back and forth once it's hung to find just the right placement!


Using those wonderful multi-purpose clips of mine, I starting hanging up all my necklaces. Well. they almost took up the whole space (and this is a big frame!). So I attached four Swinging Wall Arms on the side so I could put my bracelets, watches, etc. on them.


I added two Under the Shelf Rods at the bottom of the frame and put rings, etc. in zipped bags. I can't believe how much stuff I really had when I finally put all my jewelry in one place, and I can visually see it and find it quickly. It's easy to take off and easy to put away.

I forgot to mention the only place I have to hang this up is behind the door leading into the bathroom, right next to the closet. What I like about this place is: for one thing it is big enough to accommodate the frame, second, it doesn't take up much needed bathroom wall space, third, it kinda hides all that jewelry from my husband so he doesn't see everything I've collected over the years (although he is very much aware of all I collect - and loves me anyway!).

You can open up the Swinging Wall Arms to remove your necklaces, so here is a picture with them open. Not the best pics, but I had to be careful not to let you see my messy closet...just another weekend project waiting to happen.

How do you solve your organization problems? Everyone has different needs and areas to solve, but it is helpful to see what others are doing to solve their problems and spark some ideas!



  1. LOVE THAT! Summer Project #43.

  2. I love how low profile this is - fitting so well behind the door like that! Great idea and boy! do you have a lot of bling, lady! :) Drooling!

  3. What a great imagination.... Love it. I'm gonna have to try to make one myself. garage sales here I come to look for the right


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