May 14, 2010

Hello All.... and H E L L O summer!!!

Nicole here again, back with my altered clip it up.  If I do say so myself, it is c u t e !




When I was taking art in college we were always taught to think of all the senses when we design.

This altered clip it up has scent, sound, and visual...

Scent? Where you ask.... any guesses?

The rose on the top is really bath bubbles that were hardy enough to last on my clip it up... and add a rosey scent.

Sound... You probably all see the wind chimes! And when you move the wheel around it does chime!

The visual was inspired by summer and what I found in a dollar bin at Michaels. :) Gotta love those bins!

I hope this inspires you to alter your very own Clip it Up and if you have any questions... don't be nervous to ask!

Until Next Time... Happy Altering!


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